End of the Month Competition

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Sheffield Buccaneers End of the Month Competition for March was a great success last night with everybody having a great night of fencing. The format used was a fencing ladder with nobody getting eliminated as the competition progressed and everyone getting plenty of bouts. There were some non electric bouts allowing those who had recently completed our beginners course to take part and fence against regular club fencers for the first time

  • Mike McKay – 1st
  • Ron Law – 2nd and Top Under 14
  • Rory Gibson – 3rd
  • Jeremy Chan – 4th
  • Nathan Ireland – 5th and Top Beginner
  • Felix Prendergast – 6th
  • Rob Deniszczyc – 7th and Top Novice
  • Adam Clarke – 8th
  • Hector Prendergast – 9th
  • Alistair Guest – 10th
  • Carlos Lewis – 11th
  • Jude Anderson – 12th
  • James Mullen – 13th
  • Libby Pell – 14th
  • Catherine Duncum – 15th
  • Homan Panahi – 16th

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