Month: October 2021

Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club will be able to start back fencing on Wednesdays at Birkdale School from 3rd November!!!!

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there will be some changes to how the club will function and these are –  

Attending individual club sessions will cost – £7.00

Paying club membership by standing order will cost – £25.00 per month

An additional cost of £3.00 per session will be required if the club provides personal kit (e.g. jackets, masks etc.)

Club sessions will not routinely provide personal electric equipment (e.g. electric foils, electric jackets etc.), this will be reserved for competitions

In the new year, a general meeting to update the constitution, establish a committee etc. will take place  

It will be great to be getting back to something like normal!!!! However there will for the time being still be some controls and restrictions concerning covid.

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