Club sessions suspended!!

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Hi Everybody,
Due to the advice and guidance regarding the covid 19 epidemic, Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club on Wednesday nights is unfortunately suspending training sessions until further notice.  Also, our training sessions at Mount St Mary’s on Monday nights will also have to be suspended.
I will be putting up some training advice, tips and things to do on my website at adamblight-fencing.com and sharing this on facebook, including, strength and conditioning exercises, footwork ideas, repairing equipment guides etc.
Lets all get through this and come back ‘fencing fit’
All the best

Change of Venue for 26th February 2020

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Fencing will NOT be at Birkdale School Sports Hall on Wednesday 25th February. We will be at the Park Centre, Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QP . This is because the cricket nets at Birkdale are tangled and in a dangerous condition apparently. I don’t know how long this will be for and I am depending on the school to let me know.  Hopefully it won’t be for too long.

Yorkshire Team Foil and Yorkshire Youth League

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At the weekend two of Yorkshire’s major fencing competitions took place at Penistone Grammar School.  On Saturday 8th of June was the Yorkshire Team Foil with a total of 9 teams competing from throughout the Region.  The event involved a round of poules followed with direct elimination with every place being fought off.  The competition was hosted by Barnsley Fencing Club who meet at Penistone Grammar School on Tuesdays.  The final positions were –

1st – Louth 1(Louth Fencing Club)

The top three teams from the 2019 Yorkshire Team Foil

2nd – Fast Buccs (Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club)

3rd – Big Buccs (Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club)

4th – Louth 2 (Louth Fencing Club)

5th – Last Buccs (Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club)

6th – Yorkshire Allstars (Leeds/Bradford Fencing Clubs)

7th – York University

8th – Barnsley Fencing Club

9th – Bradford Hornets (Bradford University Fencing Club)




Erin and Serena – Under 10 Girl’s Foil
Leo Watson, 3rd in Under 10 Boy’s Foil
Vignesh, 1st in Under 12 Boy’s Epee
Finn wins the under 14 Boys Foil in a great final with Arthur

On Sunday the 9th of June was the Yorkshire Youth League event at Penistone Grammar with over 50 entrants in a range of age groups including Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s and Under 16s at foil, epee and sabre.  Everybody had a full and enjoyable day of fencing and special thanks must go to all the referees, helpers and organisers who made the event possible. The final positions from the different events are –

  Name Club
  Under 10 Girl’s Foil  
1 Erin Walker Sheffield Buccaneers
2 Serena Pascale Wghs
  Under 10 Boy’s Foil  
1 Rudy Levick Sheffield Hallam
2 Ryan Mcgahey Fernwood Sword Club
3= Aidan Mooney Harrogate
3= Leonardo Watson Sheffield Buccaneers
5 William Parry Sheffield Hallam Fencing Club
6 Harvey Lack Doncaster Fencing Club
  Under 12 Girl’s Foil  
1 Indigo Zaffino Barnsley
2 Nicole Brown Harrogate Fencing Club
3 Tegan Mcloughlin Preston Fencing Club
  Under 12 Boy’s Foil  
2 Nathan Mooney Harrogate
2 Ethan Dakin Fernwood Swords
3= Gabriel Clayworth Ashton Fencing Club
3= Finlay Maclachlan Radcliffe Sword Club
5 Vignesh Balchandra Hymers
6 Louis Bird Sheffield Buccaneers
7 Joseph Atkinson Hymers College
8 Leonardo Chapman Sheffield Buccaneers
9 Marlon Walsh Qegs
10 Matthew Dalton Sheffield Buccaneers
  Under 14 Girl’s Foil  
1 Ellie Stone Scipton
2 Pako Elseehy Tmfc
3= Bethan Harland Hallam
3= Anne Yates Hallam
  Under 14 Boy’s Foil  
1 Finnian Zaffino Barnsley
2 Arthur Eakin Fernwood Sword Club
3= Billy Levick Sheffield Hallam
3= Edward Lusted Harrogate Fencing Club
5 Andrew Clarke Salle Scipanovs Chester
6 Robert Hind Sheffield Hallam Fencing Club
7 Henry Shirt Barnsley Fencing Club
8 Tai Cookson Royal Armouries
9 Dylan Thraves Sheffield Hallam Fencing Club
10 Bobby McNicholas Royal Armouries
11 Owen Shore Mount St Mary’s
  Under 10 Boy’s Epee  
1 Dylan Helme Wingerworth Fencing Club
  Under 12 Girl’s Epee  
1 Kira Grahamslaw Harrogate
2 Alice Holder Harrogate Fencing Club
  Under 12 Boy’s Epee  
1 Vignesh Balchandra Hymers
2 Matthew Phillips Wingerworth Fencing Club
  Under 14 Girl’s Epee  
1 Katy Cook Skipton Fencing Club
  Under 14 Boy’s Epee  
1 Willem Drury Wingerworth Fencing Club
  Under 16 Girl’s Epee  
1 Befreen Jones Hymers
  Under 16 Boy’s Epee  
1 Joseph Walker Swords Fencing Club
  Under 12 Girl’s Sabre  
1 Nicole Brown Skipton Fencing Club
2 Lucy Gill Darlington Street Swords
  Under 12 Boy’s Sabre  
2 Harry Easby Darlington Street Swords
1 Sam Walmsley Marshall Fencing
  Under 14 Sabre  
1 Hamish Wood Teeside Fencing Club
2 Gemma Low Street Swords Darlington, Co. Durham

Yorkshire Youth League – Sunday 9th June

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The next Yorkshire Youth League fencing tournament takes place next Sunday (June 9th) at Penistone Grammar School.  You can enter by going to allentries.co.uk.   entry details are here – YYL Sheffield – Entry Form 2019.  There will be young fencers from the Yorkshire, East Midlands, North West and the North East Regions.  Please note – the lists on the allentries website are not complete as some have given their entry direct to me.

Yorkshire Team Foil – Saturday 9th June

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The Yorkshire Team Foil Championships will take place on Saturday 8th June (i.e. next Saturday) at Penistone Grammar School.  There are currently 7 confirmed teams and an additional 3 or 4 getting their act together.  I you want to enter go to allentries.co.uk (only one team showing on the allentries site at the moment as most people have sent their entry direct to me.  This is always a great fun event with LOADS of fencing, every place is fought of so however well your team is doing you get to fence all day.  Please find attached entry details.  If you want to see what the event is like, here is a video from last year – https://youtu.be/T5aRKuNROH8

Yorkshire Team Foil Championships

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The Yorkshire Team Foil Championships will take place at Penistone Grammar School on Saturday 8th June.  This is a great fun team event with LOADS of fencing, every place is fought for so no team gets knocked out.  Entry details here – Yorkshire Team Foil Championships – Entry Form 2019

Yorkshire Youth League – Penistone 9th June

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The next Yorkshire Youth League event will take place at Penistone Grammar School on Sunday 9th June.  Events for all age groups from Under 10s to Under 16s.  Entry details here – YYL Sheffield – Entry Form 2019

Temporary Change of Venue

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From 15th May to the end of June Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club will be at the Park Centre, Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QP and also, our session will start at 7:30pm.  This is due to exams taking place at Birkdale School.  Also, for those who fence on Mondays at Mount St Mary’s College, fencing will take place in the downstairs gym for the same reason.

Yorkshire Senior Team Foil Championships 2018 – Results

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These are the final position of teams participating in the Yorkshire Senior Team Foil Championships on Saturday 9th June 2018.

1st Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Big Buccs
2nd Louth Fencing Club – Louth Lads A
3rd Sheffield University Fencing Club
4th Louth Fencing Club – Louth Lads B
5th Leeds Fencing Club – Leeds Men
6th Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Young Buccs
7th Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Fast Buccs
8th Louth Fencing Club – Louth Ladies
9th Barnsley Fencing Club
10th Bradford Fencing Club
11th Leeds Fencing Club – Leeds Women

Yorkshire Youth League Penistone 2018 – Results

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These are the final positions of all the fencers in The Yorkshire Youth League event held at Penistone on Sunday 10th June 2018 run by Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club.  A special thanks to all those who helped with this event and congratulations to all those who took part.

Event Club Positions
U10 Boy’s Foil    
Louis Bird Buccaneers 1
Marlon Walsh QEGS 2
Leo Watson Buccaneers 3=
Sebastian Laidler Harrogate 3=
U10 Girl’s Foil    
Alice Holder Harrogate 1
Millie Salmon Hymers 2
Nicole Brown Harrogate 3=
Stella Warner Hymers 3=
Lacey Stone Skipton 5
U12 Boy’s Foil    
Ethan Dakin UA 1
Robert Hind Sheffield Hallam 2
Vignesh Balchandra Hymers 3=
Edward Lusted Harrogate 3=
Alex Maltby Buccaneers 5
Alister O’Regan ? 6
Joseph Collini Mount St Mary’s 7
U12 Girl’s Foil    
Indigo Zaffino Barnsley 1
Elle Stone Skipton 2
Kira Grahamslaw Harrogate 3
U14 Boy’s Foil    
William Ashton Hymers 1
Benjamin Crick Louth 2
Billy Levick Sheffield Hallam 3=
Finnian Zaffino Barnsley 3=
Dylan Thraves Sheffield Hallam 5
Max English Sheffield Hallam 6
Henry Shirt Barnsley 7
U14 Girl’s Foil    
Ellie Curran Buccaneers 1
Bethan Harland Davis Sheffield Hallam 2
Jannah Khattak Buccaneers 3
U12 Boy’s Epee    
Vignesh Balchandra Hymers 1
U12 Girl’s Epee    
Katy Cook Skipton 1
U14 Boy’s Epee    
Oliver Holmes Skipton 1
U14 Girl’s Epee    
Befreen Jones Hymers 1