Month: September 2014

Hymers Yorkshire Youth League 2014 – Results

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Here are all the results from the Yorkshire Youth League Competition held at Hymers College on Sunday 14th September 2014

Age Name Club
U12 Boy Foil Robert Kemp 1 Louth
William Lonsdale 2 Phoenix
Sam Blair 3 Louth
Nicholas Williams 3 Sheffield Hallam
Alex Judge 5 Louth
Wilf Broughton 6 Louth
Charlie King 7 Harrogate
Jayden Daniels 8 Phoenix
Isaac Tetney 9 Mount St. Mary’s
Ahmed Hussain 10 Sheffield Buccs
U12 Girl Foil Lottie Fry 1 Louth
Georgia May Vizard 2 Doncaster
Phoebe Rayner 3 Hymers
Isabel Everest 3 Sheffield Buccs
U16 Boy Foil Aeneas Gunther 1 Hymers
Sam Atkin 2 Hymers
Greg Bull 3 Harrogate
Zitian  Peng 3 Leeds
Ruairy McKay 5 Sheffield Buccs
Daniel Wright 6 Harrogate
Kieran Sinfield 7 Leeds
U16 Girl Foil Emily Goolden 1 Louth
Abbie Johnson 2 Louth
Cara Chambers 3 Barnsley
Ruby  Thomson 3 Burntwood
U14 Boy Epee Billy Shepherd 1 Skipton
James Wake 2 Hymers
Nathan Foster 3 Skipton
Rhys Williams 3 Mount St. Marys
Cameron Whapples 5 Harrogate
Jayden Daniels 6 Phoenix
U14 Girl Epee Isabel Bunola-Hadfield 1 Hymers
Hannah Wellock 2 Skipton
Elena Bunola-Hadfield 3 Hymers
Phoebe Rayner 3 Hymers
Phoebe Renhard 5 Skipton
U10 Mix Foil Martha Meadows 1 Harrogate
Joe Blair 2 Louth
William Ashton 3 Hymers
Morgan Kennelly 3 Burntwood
Rohan Reddy 5 Hymers
Harry Gosling 6 Hymers
Ellie Jackson 7 Skipton
Ellie Curran 8 Sheffield Bucs
Summer Harris Green 9 Doncaster
Grace Hobson 10 Hymers
Leala Whitaker-Rimington 11 Sheffield Bucs
U14 Boy Foil Adam Suha 1 Sheffield Buccs
Billy Shepherd 2 Skipton
Issac Bull 3 Harrogate
Luke Johnson 3 Louth
Hugo Fry 5 Louth
James Wake 6 Hymers
Nathan Foster 7 Skipton
Archie Broughton WD Louth
U14 Girl Foil Phoebe Newton-Hughes 1 Sheffield Buccs
Isabel Bunola-Hadfield 2 Hymers
Elena Bunola-Hadfield 3 Hymers
Alex Hogg 3 Hymers
Anna Trevithick 5 Harrogate
Georgina Railton 6 Hymers
Annabelle Partis 7 Hymers
Tyla Drury 8 Hymers
U14 Boy Sabre Isaac Bull 1 Harrogate
James Wake 2 Hymers
Billy Shepherd 3 Skipton
Edward Burrage 3 Doncaster
Benjamin Cole 5 Sheffield Sword
U14 Girl Sabre Isabel Bunola-Hadfield 1 Hymers
Elena Bunola-Hadfield 2 Hymers
Jess Simmons 3 Sheffield Sword