Month: June 2018

Yorkshire Senior Team Foil Championships 2018 – Results

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These are the final position of teams participating in the Yorkshire Senior Team Foil Championships on Saturday 9th June 2018.

1st Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Big Buccs
2nd Louth Fencing Club – Louth Lads A
3rd Sheffield University Fencing Club
4th Louth Fencing Club – Louth Lads B
5th Leeds Fencing Club – Leeds Men
6th Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Young Buccs
7th Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club – Fast Buccs
8th Louth Fencing Club – Louth Ladies
9th Barnsley Fencing Club
10th Bradford Fencing Club
11th Leeds Fencing Club – Leeds Women

Yorkshire Youth League Penistone 2018 – Results

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These are the final positions of all the fencers in The Yorkshire Youth League event held at Penistone on Sunday 10th June 2018 run by Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club.  A special thanks to all those who helped with this event and congratulations to all those who took part.

Event Club Positions
U10 Boy’s Foil    
Louis Bird Buccaneers 1
Marlon Walsh QEGS 2
Leo Watson Buccaneers 3=
Sebastian Laidler Harrogate 3=
U10 Girl’s Foil    
Alice Holder Harrogate 1
Millie Salmon Hymers 2
Nicole Brown Harrogate 3=
Stella Warner Hymers 3=
Lacey Stone Skipton 5
U12 Boy’s Foil    
Ethan Dakin UA 1
Robert Hind Sheffield Hallam 2
Vignesh Balchandra Hymers 3=
Edward Lusted Harrogate 3=
Alex Maltby Buccaneers 5
Alister O’Regan ? 6
Joseph Collini Mount St Mary’s 7
U12 Girl’s Foil    
Indigo Zaffino Barnsley 1
Elle Stone Skipton 2
Kira Grahamslaw Harrogate 3
U14 Boy’s Foil    
William Ashton Hymers 1
Benjamin Crick Louth 2
Billy Levick Sheffield Hallam 3=
Finnian Zaffino Barnsley 3=
Dylan Thraves Sheffield Hallam 5
Max English Sheffield Hallam 6
Henry Shirt Barnsley 7
U14 Girl’s Foil    
Ellie Curran Buccaneers 1
Bethan Harland Davis Sheffield Hallam 2
Jannah Khattak Buccaneers 3
U12 Boy’s Epee    
Vignesh Balchandra Hymers 1
U12 Girl’s Epee    
Katy Cook Skipton 1
U14 Boy’s Epee    
Oliver Holmes Skipton 1
U14 Girl’s Epee    
Befreen Jones Hymers 1