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Yorkshire Team Foil 2016

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On Saturday 25th June this years Yorkshire Team Foil took place a t Penistone Grammar School.  There we 10 teams taking part and after three rounds of poules direct elimination took place.  In the final were two Sheffield Buccaneers Teams, namely Sheffield Buccaneers Mega Buccs ( Mike McKay, David Alexander and Matt Fitton) and Sheffield Buccaneers Fast Buccs (Nathan Doherty, Ed Howlett and James Rutherford), the competition was won by Mega Buccs 45-36.  This is the 5th year in succession Sheffield Buccaneers has won this event and the 13th year since the foundation of the club in the 1990s.

Sheffield Buccaneers Mega Buccs and Fast Buccs Yorkshire Team Foil Championships 2016 Finalists

The final positions were –

1st – Sheffield Buccaneers – Mega Buccs (David Alexander, Mike McKay, Matt Fitton)

2nd – Sheffield Buccaneers – Fast Buccs (Nathan Doherty, Ed Howlett, James Ratherford)

3rd – Sheffield University (Joe Kerr, John Glancy, Joseph Igali)

4th – Sheffield Buccaneers – Young Buccs (Ayman ElAmrani, Phoebe Newton-Hughes, Alex Wakeman, Adam Blight)

5th – Leeds Awe (Nick Stokes, Bertie Mandall, Kieran Sinfield)

6th – Bradford – Misspent Youth (Paul Halliday, Will Lawrance, Guy Haley)

7th – Barnsley Fencing Club (Cara Chambers, Anna Fillingham, Nic Fillingham, Marco Zaffino)

8th – Leeds Shock (Paul Sinfield, Jess Ridout, Ben Mackenzie)

9th – Royal Armouries (Alice Boyer, Finlay Caswell, and Sam Jackson)

10th – Bradford Doomed Youth (James Hopkins, Pete Fletcher, Vyom Gera, Tim Noble)

Details of the first seeding round are here – Poules – Results

Details of the Direct elimination are here – Team Match Tableaux – Results