Month: April 2023

End of the Month Competition – April 23

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Sheffield Buccaneers End of the Month Competition for April was a great success last night with everybody having a great night of fencing. The format used was a fencing ladder with nobody getting eliminated as the competition progressed and everyone getting plenty of bouts. It was good to have a group of fencers from Sheffield University joining in this time. The final positions of everybody is –

  1. Mike McKay
  2. Joel Mason
  3. Ron Law (best 14 and Under)
  4. Andrew Martin
  5. Luca
  6. Jeremy Chan
  7. Catherine Duncum (Best Beginner AND Best Novice)
  8. Adam Clarke
  9. Nathan Ireland
  10. Ross Greenwood
  11. Libby Pell
  12. Jude Anderson
  13. Madoc Dawson
  14. Rob Deniszczyc