End of the Moth Competition

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Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club will be running a competition on the last Wednesday of every month starting on 29th March. There will be trophies for the overall winner and ‘Best Novice’ (under 3 years fencing) and each month the winners names will be added to the trophy. There will also be other prizes. The competition will follow a ‘fencing ladder’ format, which means that everyone can participate regardless of when they arrive and finish at the club and nobody get eliminated. The competition will be open to all adults and junior fencers who have competitive experience and routinely train with the adults.

In the Fencing Ladder Competition fencers will compete on a ladder of fencing pistes and by winning their bouts get to the top piste on the ladder.  The results of all bouts will be recorded and count towards the final positioning.

Competition Rules

  1. The winner of a bout will go to the next piste up and referee the next bout on that piste.  They then take the place of the winner of that bout and fence against the loser.
  2. The loser of a bout stays in the same position except on the top piste the loser must withdraw and can rejoin at the bottom.  The winner of the top piste remains in place.
  3. A winner may not withdraw from the ladder and later rejoin during the same ladder session.  Losers of any bout may withdraw from the ladder and rejoin at any time at the bottom of the ladder.
  4. In the event of fencers withdrawing from the ladder, fencers moving up the order take up vacant places and the bout may need to await a referee from the lower piste.
  5. The final positions will be determined on the basis of the formula V (V÷B) (Victories ÷ Bouts x Victories for those with a calculator). This formula ensures good result to the fencer who fences a larger number of bouts and wins a high percentage of those bouts. Where fencers have the same results through this formula points difference will be used in the usual way.

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