Helen Solly is Yorkshire Champion – Again!!

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Helen is Yorkshire Champion
Helen is Yorkshire Champion

Helen Solly who coaches and fences at Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club won the Yorkshire Regional Foil Championships at the weekend in York winning convincingly in the final against Emma Kurtis from Hymers College.  This victory makes it 2 years in a row for Helen.   Other Results of fencers who train at the club were, in the Men’s Foil – Mike McKay – 5th, Nathan Doherty – 7th, Nic Wynn – 8th, Adam Blight – 9th, Steve Watson – 11th, Alex Wakeman – 12th, Ruairi Mckay – 16th, and in the Under 14s event – James Wake – 3rd, Ibrahim El Amrani – 5th, Ayman El Amrani – 7th.  for full results go to – http://www.leedsfencing.co.uk/leeds_fencing_home.htm . for video from the competition go to – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWi-z51xhcY&feature=share&list=UUSeXly_9X90PhIk7eCDfDWw

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