Yorkshire Youth League – November 2011

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Ayman & Edwin Yorksshire Youth League 2011

A great day of fencing at the Yorkshire Youth League competition today.  In the Under 10s Foil – Ayman El Amrani – 2nd, Edwin Paul – 3rd, Luke Hawdon – 18th out of a total of 25 Fencers.  In the Under 12 Boys Foil – William Kenyon – 12th, Ibrahim El Amrani – 15th,  out of a total of 19.  In the Under 14 Boys Foil – Alex Wakeman – 1st, Nathan Doherty 2nd, Ruairi McKay 5th out of a total of 9.  Nathan Doherty also won the series for this year.  Also fencing in the Uner 16 Boys Foil was Aaron Joyner also, but these results are not published yet.  I was pleased with everones fencing today, Edwin and Luke fenced in their first competition and so it was especially good for edwin to win a bronze medal in such a big event.

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