Fencing at Mount St Mary’s College on Mondays

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We will be running Monday night club sessions from 7:00pm till 9:00pm at Mount St Mary’s College beginning on 12th October. These sessions will be conducted in accordance with British Fencing’s Covid Safe guidelines. Those participating will need to register prior to the session. This can preferably be done via Playwaze.com (link below)which is the activity registration service partnered with British Fencing, alternatively by text or email. Each session will cost ¬£7.00 per session, payment for one or more sessions is payable by bank transfer to Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club, A/c No – 21215272, Sort Code – 40-41-37 (It says ‘free’ in the Playwaze portal as the website wouldn’t let me enter details). There will be no cash or cheque collections on the night. There will be a maximum group size of 18 selected on a first come first serve basis and training will take place in bubbles of six fencers. Those taking part are expected to have their own fencing equipment and all British Fencing Covid protocols will be followed. All those taking part should familiarise themselves with these guidelines from the British Fencing website. Parents not performing welfare or covid officer roles will be expected to remain outside the fencing salle. For any other details contact Adam at buccaneers@adamblight.plus.com or 07761284378.

Some key covid safe measures

  • Masks to be worn when not actively engaged in training
  • Training to take place in bubbles of up to 6 fencers, there will be no mixing between bubbles
  • 2 metre social distancing to be observed in all practical circumstances
  • Fencers should have their own gel and wipes
  • Individual bouts will be for a maximum of 20 minutes
  • No close quarter actions, referees to stop bouts where distance closes
  • No handshakes but salutes at the beginning and end of bouts
  • Individual lessons can only be provided to one bubble as a coach is classed as part of a bubble, this bubble will therefore have a maximum of 5 fencers. Any fencer who will want a lesson should let me know, Alternatively, I shall supervise the whole session

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